Travel Has Gone Green

Earth Day is this Friday and I know many of us are thinking of ways on how we can be more green. There are many ways to lessen your impact on the earth when you travel. After all, you want to create an enjoyable trip for yourself and for travelers to come. Many of the beautiful sites in the world are slowly eroding due to pollution and wasteful practices.

Here are a few tips on some simple things you can do to lessen your carbon footprint when you travel:

* Make sure when you leave your home to turn off all electronic devices. Unplug any unnecessary appliances.

* Try to use electronic tickets vs. paper airline tickets to save on paper waste.

* Look for green hotels that practice environmentally safe procedures. Visit for more information on the Green Hotels Association.

* In your hotel room: turn off all electrical devices when you are not in the room, reuse sheets and towels and do not have them changed daily by the housekeeping staff, take short showers, do not have the water running when brushing your teeth, and give your hotels suggestions on how they can become more green.

*Transportation:  Try to take direct flights whenever possible. Better yet, for shorter trips take a train. Use public transportation whenever you can in the locale you are visiting or walk if possible. When renting a car, try to rent a hybrid or the smallest vehicle that will work for your group of travelers.

Did you also know that there are companies that can help offset your carbon emissions from your next trip? In fact, Expedia has partnered with TerraPass, a for-profit carbon offsetting company. When you book your trip, there is an option where you can select an extra charge to be added to your charges which will be sent directly to TerraPass.

Here is a great list from Independent Traveler on other companies that you can look into that offer carbon offsetting: Click here

A few other great resources to check out are:

Green Travel: Connect with green-minded travel companies, 1% of all revenue generated from their travel bookings goes to credible, well-managed sustainable travel initiatives.

Go Green Travel Green: discover information on how to travel green, eco-tours and more. Calculate your CO2 emissions while on vacation in Denver. Click here.

Check out these great products in our stores and online that are eco-friendly:

Eagle Creek Pack-It system and the new ES3 collection: made of sustainable products using their Eco-lite fabric.

BB Begonia Reusable tote: use these bags on your next trip to save on extra plastic and paper bags given to you while shopping.

Go Toobs: Save on buying travel size shampoo, conditioner, body wash, etc. by using GoToobs.

Balanzza Digital luggage scale: not only save on luggage fees by weighing your luggage but also on the weight you are putting on the airplane.

Share with us how you go green when you travel and other great resources you have found.

Happy Earth Day!


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