Now Boarding: Comfort on Airplanes

I know many of us enjoy traveling to new destinations, visiting family and friends and getting away from reality, but many of us dread the uncomfortable flight ahead of  us especially if it is an international flight where you are on an airplane for an extended amount of time. There are great pillows, blankets and other comfort accessories out there to help with the flight but nothing that can help with the lack of stretching room.

Airlines are taking on this dilemma with new seating on their airlines that not only give you more room to stretch but also a comfortable area to sleep.

One example is Virgin Atlantic‘s Upper Class Suite. The wider seat folds out to become a 6’ 6″ bed which is one of the largest fully flat beds in the airline industry. There is also space for storing a laptop, a table for working or eating, multi-directional 10.4″ television and power station for all your needs. This was recently shown on Entertainment Tonight when one of the reporters flew on Virgin Atlantic from Los Angeles to London for the Royal Wedding.

Here’s a video of the upper class suite.

The Skycouch is  now available on select flights from Air New Zealand. It is a  trio of three Economy seats that in a sense create your own mini couch that you can lay on, relax, etc. The armrests disappear and a footrest comes out from under the three seats to create a flat bed or couch.

Here’s a video that shows how the skycouch works.

Many other airlines are implementing new seating at an additional cost. Would you spend the extra money for some extra comfort on your next long flight? Have you tried some of the new options out there?

What are some of your comfort travel tips for when you travel? We would love to hear your feedback.


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