Furry Travelers

The Travel Industry Association of America found that nearly 29.1 million American travelers will take their pet with them on vacation. This number grows every year, as pet owners want to take their furry family member with them on all their trips. In honor of National Pet Month, we wanted to share some helpful websites and tips for traveling with your pets.

Here are a few websites you may want to check out before planning your next trip:

Pets On the Go: find pet friendly tips, activities, resources and more on this site.

Pet Travel: great info on pet friendly hotels and pet insurance.

Trips with Pets: Join their TWP Travel club for special deals and more.

Pets Welcome: find pet friendly lodging, pet sitters and more.

Here are a few tips that you may want to consider for your next pet-friendly trip:

1) Get a list of all emergency Veterinary clinics in the area of where you are traveling.

2) Make sure their health certificate and vaccinations are up to date. Ask your vet about sedatives for your pet’s trip if you feel they are needed to avoid motion sickness.

3) Consider getting a temporary id card that has your phone number and address of the hotel you are staying at on your trip in case your pet goes a stray.

4) Familiarize yourself with the pet policies on your airline, at your hotel, campgrounds, rest stops, etc. that you will be visiting or using.

5) Make sure you pack an ample supply of food for your travels, collapsible travel water and food bowls, bedding, litter box if needed, leash, collar, pet first aid kit, extra water and your pet’s favorite toys.

Here’s to traveling with the whole family on your next vacation. What do you do to prepare for a trip where you are taking your pet? Any hotels or destinations that you would recommend?


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