Bag “Bling”

It’s been a long flight, you’re tired and all you want to do is get your luggage and go home. You are staring at the baggage carousel  frustrated because you are not certain which piece of luggage is yours. Is this a common occurrence for you?  As more and more baggage is looking similar and popular brands and styles are owned by many, it may be hard to pick out your luggage from the hundreds of bags that come out on the carousel.

There are several ways to add some personality to your luggage that will make your luggage stand out on its own.

I’m sure we have all heard of tying a ribbon around our luggage.  But there are other items you can add to your bag.

Luggage tags: A wide variety of tags are available that can show your love of sports, color, fun and more.

Tepper Jackson Bon Voyage tag

Flapjack Toys Atari Joystick luggage tag

Lil' Lewis Gloria Bee luggage tag

Flapjack Toys Lucha Libre luggage tag

Flapjack Toys Little Miss Sunshine luggage tag

Aminco International Rockies luggage tag

Flapjack Toys Rubix cube

You could also look at putting colorful Identigrips from Bucky around your luggage handle.

Or make a statement with luggage that is different from all the rest.

How do you make your luggage stand out from the crowd? Let us know.


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