Your Social Travel Agent

Who do you trust more than your friends and family to give you advice on important decisions in your life? I’m sure many of us ask our close friends and family for ideas on where to travel or what to visit in a particular city. Or maybe you’re visiting a location and want to visit some friends that live in the area.  Two undergraduates from Harvard came up with the idea of of a social travel network called gtrot that has these two ideas in mind.

The idea is simple. You enter your travel itinerary and gtrot finds your Facebook friends that live in the city you are visiting as well as who has been to that location before or is going there soon. This way you can get tips and advice from friends you trust on what are the best things to do, eat, etc while visiting a particular locale. Or you can set up a time to meet up with friends maybe you haven’t seen in a while. Gtrot will email you an alert whenever your itineraries cross paths with another friend.

Gtrot also helps you find deals in the area via daily deal sites like Groupon. Find great deals, meet up with friends and get advice on where to go when your traveling. Sounds like a great tool to us! What do you think? Is this a tool you would use for your next trip?


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