Friday Featured Blog: Memorial Day Edition

Ahh, Memorial Day: barbecues, family get togethers and the unofficial start to summer! We all look forward to this first three-day weekend of summer and hope that the weather cooperates. CBNB has pulled a variety of different blog posts in honor of Memorial Day. From top destinations to visit to honoring the soldiers that we remember on this special day, here are some of the favorites that we found.

1) Johnny Jet is a writer we have been following for a while. In fact, he provided tips for our catalog last year. Here is a great post he wrote about giving up his first class seat to a soldier on a plane.

2) Looking for some top destinations to travel to this Memorial Day weekend? Check out’s Top 10 Destinations:

3) From the US Department of Energy: Here’s some great way to save on energy and gas during the holiday weekend:

4) Some tips on how to save this memorial day weekend and a link to a directory of Memorial Day parades:

5) Princess Cruises blog: The President and CEO of Princess Cruises who is a combat veteran posts his thoughts on Memorial Day:

Happy Memorial Day to all of our fellow travelers! CBNB recognizes the military who have served and are currently serving for our country.


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