Friday Feature Blog: Wayfaring Travel Guide

Did you know that today is Celebration of the Senses Day? A day to recognize taste, touch, smell, sight and hearing and how our senses enlighten our lives. Travel is a truly an activity where all of our senses are on overdrive as we try to take in every moment of a trip. The blog, Wayfaring Travel Guide does a great job of using amazing pictures and stories to let your senses go on a journey of imagining what it would like to be in that very location. How do you take in every moment of your trip?


One response to “Friday Feature Blog: Wayfaring Travel Guide

  • Midwest Book Review

    Approximately 120 years ago the majority of the world’s Jews lived in what was called the "Pale of Settlement" in the Russian Empire of the Czar. Most American Jews today trace their ancestry to Russia, the Ukraine, and the surrounding territories and provinces of the old empire. Until Communism fell, the Jews of Russia and Ukraine had been suppressed and denied human and religious rights. With the collapse of the Communists, Judaism has emerged from centuries old persecution and pogrom and the synagogues, monuments, schools and other Jewish historical sites are available and accessible to the western visitor. Ben Frank’s A Travel Guide To Jewish Russia & Ukraine is an invaluable, highly recommended travel guide for planning and implementing a trip in search of their family heritage and religious roots throughout Russian and the Ukraine.

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