Summer Travel Traditions

Traditions… Many of us have them. Be it holiday traditions, gardening traditions each year or unique family traditions you may have, we all create and live traditions throughout our lives.We came across an article from on Five Summer Travel Traditions and it made us think of a few other travel options that could become traditions.

1) Be a part of annual festivals in your community and beyond: Independent Traveler mentions beer and food festivals but there are also many music, craft, ethnic-based, chidren’s festivals and more. In Denver, Colorado each year, one can watch movies from the past while enjoying the amazing scenery of Red Rocks during the Film on The Rocks event each summer.

2) Hiking: check out local guides for great hiking trails to test out each summer to discover nature’s beauty in the summertime. is a great resource for maps of trails across the country.

3) Amusement Parks: Visit different amusement parks each summer. The Theme Park Insider is a great resource for tips and reviews on parks across the United States.

4) Go to a Drive-in Movie: There are still Drive-ins located around the country where you can experience the fun of watching a movie from the comfort of your car. Visit for information on Drive-ins around the U.S.

What are your summer travel traditions?


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