“Snore Absorption” Rooms Make their Debut

Could your next vacation be snore free? Crowne Plaza hotels recently tested out their new “snore absorption rooms” in nine hotels across Europe and the Middle East. The hotel found from some recent UK research that couples lose one to five hours of sleep a night when they have a snoring partner. This adds up to almost a decade of loss sleep during a lifetime. 3 in 10 couples have come close to splitting up because of snoring and 50% of UK couples interviewed said snoring can ruin a vacation.

The snore absorption rooms debuted on June 27th and include the following:

* soundproofing in the walls
* sound absorbing headboard
* anti-snoring bed wedge that encourages the snorer to sleep on their side or upright
* anti-snoring pillow that uses magnets to create a magnetic field that is supposed to open the airways and stiffen the upper palate.
* white noise machine to drown out the snoring.

No results have been released yet on the trial done in the nine test hotels and at this time there are no plans to try out the rooms in the United States. You can take advantage of Crowne Plaza’s Sleep Advantage program that offers quiet floors, sleep cds, sleep amenities, aromatherapy. luxurious bedding and more to guarantee a peaceful night’s sleep.

Does snoring cause problems for you when you travel?


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