Check your luggage on us!

Baggage fees are here to stay and Colorado Bag’n Baggage wants to help ease your pocket a bit this summer travel season. If you purchase a case that is 24″ or larger valued at $250 or more at one of our stores or online, you will receive a $50 rebate to be used for the next time you check luggage.The offer is valid July 18th – August 31st or while supplies last. We know that the extra fees may put a damper on your next trip and that many consumers are not aware of the fees that are being charged.

The Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) has reported that U.S. airlines collected almost $5.7 billion from baggage fees and reservation change fees in 2010. Here is a recent spot done on ABC News about airline fees.

For most airlines, you will typically pay $25 each way for any luggage that cannot be treated as a carry on. is a great resource to check the baggage fees and restrictions for each airline. When booking your next trip, make sure you are aware of the extra fees that you may need to pay. You may also want to discover ways where you can pack more efficiently and with less luggage. One large case may work for your whole family versus three or four smaller cases which cuts down your fees immensely. Make sure you are keeping an eye on the weight as well. If your bag is over 50 pounds, you will be charged. Also, check to see what size case is considered oversized, too large of a case can mean extra fees as well.

How do you avoid airline fees when you travel?


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