Back To School Checklist

It’s hard to believe that its Back To School time already. From kindergarten to college, we know that you have a checklist of items to get your favorite student. So many decisions and so little time.We’re here to help you with some of those decisions.

We have a great selection of backpacks and messenger bags for every type of student. When selecting a bag, make sure to test the fit on your child. The average backpack weighs 12 pounds after books and supplies are put into it and a student will lift that bag about 10 times a day. Experts recommend that a backpack should weigh less than 10% of a student’s body when full to eliminate strain. Padded straps are also a great feature to look for when making sure your child is comfortable. Also, consider what your child will be putting in their backpack. Do they need extra pockets for supplies? Does it need to be laptop friendly?

You may also want to look into wheeled backpacks. Make sure to check with your school first on if the school allows these types of backpacks. Some schools consider them a tripping hazard.

We also have a wide variety of netbooks, Ipad cases, snack bags and more to complete your checklist. You may be surprised by how some of these items can be essential for your student.


Important dates to remember for Back to School:

*Shopping at our Texas stores? Enjoy their Tax free weekend on Back to School items August 19th – 21st.

*Shopping in Florida? Enjoy their Tax Free Weekend on Back To School items August 12th – 14th.

*Win tickets to Rascal Flatts and backpacks from Colorado Baggage in our Colorado market. We are partnering with for a fun promotion as part of their Back To Schoolfest. Visit for more information.

*One of our favorite bloggers that we partner with is Hoosier Homemade and she is doing a Back To School charity event. Check out her blog on how you can help. We will be donating some gift certificates for the cause.

Have fun while shopping for school supplies and finding the items that fit your student’s personality perfectly. How do you get your family ready for back to school?


12 responses to “Back To School Checklist

  • Jennifer F.

    When it comes to getting ready for back to school, I like to buy basics in advance. After school has started and the extra folders and notebooks are marked way down, I go ahead and buy up the clearance stuff that I know will be needed the following year.

  • heather m

    I start buying things when school gets out and there is a ton of stuff on clearance. I am all done with basics now on to all the clothiing and backpacks

  • Sadie

    We invested in labels for all of the supplies. Label everything and it will come home at the end of the year.

  • Courtney Hayes

    I like to shop early for school supplies & uniforms. Starting my kids on their school schedule (when it comes to what time they go to bed & wake up) a couple of weeks before school begins helps a lot also.

  • Heidi

    My tip for back to school shopping is to not wait to shop! I search out the best deals all year long and stock up for the next year. I wait for the items I know will be really cheap like scissors and crayons for during the back to school sales. I scour clearance isles and bins and I use coupons as much as possible. When there are 1 cent crayons at an office supply store I make sure to plan to stop there on my way to the grocery store and I make sure to have all the kids along so we can take advantage since there are usually limits in place. I shop for pants and shirts at thrift stores and then they get a brand new coat and umbrella every year.

  • Elizabeth Robin

    I am all about shopping on the tax free weekend and finding the best deals. I stock up throughout the year so that when school starts I am not too stressed 🙂

  • Tayler Grashel

    My advice for shopping for back to school items is to compare the needed items at different stores. You often find stores which offer a $5 gift card if you spend $20 on specific items. Also, if you gather Sunday newspapers, you often find coupons in the ads. The coupons and sales at the various stores will help save tons of money!

  • Schmidty

    I scoop up deals all year long and stash them away. Office supply stores especially will have freebies after rebate or BOGO throughout the year. I also keep an eye out for online sales and discount codes.

  • Sheri Spivey

    I am new to the back to school supplies as my son will be starting kindergarten this year. To avoid the hurt all at once to the wallet I bought some clothes when they went on sale for the change of season. I also went ahead and bought the basics suchs as pencils and stuff before even going to open house to avoid the rush after the school tells us whats needed.

  • Maria Soria

    I carry the school supply list in my purse and buy supplies whenever I’m out and see great deals.

  • Laura

    I watch my stores for supply sales and match them up with coupons. For instance I saw a grocery store that had had discounted packages on pens to 50 cents and was going to keep that price through August. A few weeks later I got a coupon for $1 off 2 packages. I went to the store and got the pens for FREE! (Okay i had to pay the sale tax.)

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