Come Sail Away

Does traveling on a large ship to multiple destinations appeal to you? Well, you are not the only one. A recent study by the Cruise Line International Association (CLIA) found that cruising is becoming more popular. In fact, 73 million Americans have gone on a cruise in their lifetime and 36.1 million are likely to take a cruise vacation in the next three years.

A lot of other interesting information was found in the CLIA’s 2011 Market Profile Study. What would you predict would be the top 10 cruise destinations? If you guessed the Caribbean for the number one spot, you would be right.
Top 10 Destinations:
1 ) Caribbean
2 ) Alaska
3 ) Bahamas
4 ) Hawaii
5 ) Bermuda
6 ) Mediterrean and the Greek Isles
7 ) Europe
8 ) Panama Canal
9 ) Canada/New England
10 ) Mexico

Some of the reasons that travelers choose cruise vacations include: chance to visit multiple locations, being pampered, fine dining and getting away from it all. Cruise travelers are more likely to have a passport at 86% than non- cruise travelers at 51%.  Although many think that travel agents are not used as much anymore, travel agents help plan most cruise vacations.

What is the general profile of the typical traveler on a cruise? They are generally upscale with a household income of $97,000 or more. The median age is 48. The core target of the cruise industry is 25+ making $40,000 or more per household. Most people on a cruise are there as part of a group or event. 80% will travel with their spouse, 33% with kids, 19% with friends, and 18% with other family members. Nearly 1 in 4  Americans will experience a cruise vacation of some sort. The typical stay is 7.5 days.

Have you been on a cruise? Who do you prefer? Our friends at have some great advice on cruises.


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