Man to Live at Airport for 80 days

Jaeger Mah, winner of 80 day stay at YVR

I’m sure most of us dread the thought of being stranded at an airport and having to sleep on the floor or in a chair. Or maybe you have watched the movie “The Terminal” where Tom Hanks is left to live at an airport and thought I could do that. Well, one lucky winner will have the opportunity to experience this as he lives at the Vancouver International Airport for 80 days and 80 night starting today. Jaeger Mah entered a contest via Live@YVR to have a chance to live at the airport and report on the behind scenes activities in honor of the Vancouver International’s Airports 80th anniversary.

His conditions are a little bit better than what a person stranded at an airport would have to endure. He will be staying at the Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel in one of their suites overlooking the runway. He will get $50 a day for meals which Mah expressed some concern about in a recent interview with MSNBC. He said, “That’s going to be a big thing. I only get $50 a day for meals and we all know airport food can be expensive. I like to have a good dinner, so maybe I’ll go to Tim Horton’s for breakfast, snack on a few things during the day and save $25 each day for dinner. It will also help that my girlfriend, who has her own cooking blog, is going to bring some dinners.”

You have the opportunity to give the twenty-nine year old winner ideas on what he should investigate while he is at the airport.  Leave suggestions on Live@YVR’s Facebook and Twitter pages. Mah promises to have some fun with the stories he reports and immerse himself in the jobs that many may not know about at the airport.   You can follow Jaeger via YVR‘s website and their YouTube feed.

What do you think? Do you think you could survive at an airport for 80 days? Would you want the challenge?


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