Be Prepared During Hurricane Season

Satellite image of Hurricane Irene

Our thoughts are with everyone on the East Coast waiting to see what Hurricane Irene may do this weekend. In situations like this when you have planned a trip to an area that could be affected by a hurricane, what should you do? There are a few things that you can do to be prepared for trips that occur during hurricane season.

Check to see if your airline, cruise line, hotel or resort offers a hurricane guarantee. This has become a more common offering. Make sure to get their claim in writing and if you need to file a claim, make sure you get that in writing as well and keep copies of everything. If you decide to invest in travel insurance, make sure that it includes hurricane coverage. You may also want to consider adding independent insurance. The following are some good resources:, Travel Guard,,;and

Other items to look into and be prepared about include:

1- Be familiar with terms that may be used during a hurricane
2- Find out if your hotel or resort has a weather guarantee
3- Check out the evacuation zones at the hotel
4- Make sure you have plenty of gasoline in your rental car in case of evacuation
5- Research plan B: alternate flights, hotels in the area, etc.
6- Have cash on hand, often there are power outages which affect banks, ATM’s and credit card processing machines
7- Designate an outside contact that you can keep in touch with and who will then contact the rest of your family and friends.
8- Be cautious on what you pack in your checked luggage. It may not arrive at your final destination. Have backup in your carry-on and make sure to have any chargers in your carry on with you.
9- Invest in a weather travel radio that can keep you updated.

Overall, the main thing is to be prepared. Mother nature has a way of making a vacation stressful but with the right preparations, you can ease some of the stress. What do you do to prepare for trips in areas where weather may be a factor?


2 responses to “Be Prepared During Hurricane Season

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    How I personally observe it really is comparable to what you have said, but you’ve got described some things i might have forgotten. Thanks for talking about this content. I’m going to share this with a number of my buddies.

  • Travel Insurance

    I actually was there for Hurricane Ivan in Florida back in September of 2004 and it was the craziest thing I’ve ever experienced, and I wish I knew this stuff. It’s really important.

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