Spring Travel Has Sprung

Hard to believe that it’s March 1st! With the start of March, many of us are thinking of Spring travel. In fact, we were inspired to make some Spring Travel windows in our stores this month.

With gas prices rising, many of us are looking for the best deals out there this spring season before price hikes occur this summer on airline fares, hotel rates and more.

Travel Ticker put together a list of hot spots for spring were you can find reasonable rates at hotels.

Here are their picks:

1) New Orleans: Don’t miss out on Jazz Fest in April and May. The average hotel rate during this time is $87.

2) Miami: Hurricane season starts in June and peak travel time in Miami is December – March. it makes sense to book during Miami’s shoulder season in April and May. You can save anywhere between $25 – $80 during this time frame.

3) Tahoe: Find prices as low as $69 a night during March and April.

4) China: Great weather and find fewer crowds in Beijing and Shanghai in March and April.

5) Ecuador: The peak summer rates occur in May so you can beat those prices by going in March or April. Galapagos Islands anyone?



Looking for new hotels to try out this spring break season? Travel & Leisure gave their picks for top hotels:

Country Destination: The Pig, Brockenhurst, England: Perfect for adventurous foodies.

Beach Locale: St Regis Bal Harbor Resort, Miami Beach: Includes twenty-five beachside cabanas and personal butler service.

City Bound: Sofitel, Bangkok: Has rooms inspired by the 5 Chinese Elements

Rain Forest Ambitions: Mashipi Lodge, Ecuador: Aerial Gondolas that take guests through a cloud forest

Island Seclusion: Anantara Bali, Uluwater Resort, Bali, Indonesia: Spend some alone time on sprawling suite terraces that have over sized whirlpools on them.

These are just a few suggestions. Where will you be heading for your spring travel this year?


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