Travel Your Passions

Excursionist Booking Information reasons on why to book with them.

Looking for a travel site that caters your trip based on your passions? Check out the Excursionist. We recently came across the site after reading a blog post by Pure Wow which talked about this new site and its great features.

The site allows you to search for your next trip based on your passions or destinations or both. From getting to spend a day with an archaeologist digging up dinosaur fossils, cooking with local chefs, or tracking animals on a safari with animal scientists, Excursionist finds unique experiences for your trip that you cannot find anywhere else online.

The new site has been mentioned in magazines such as Air Magazine, Conde Nast Traveler, In Style and Luxury Travel as the next hot travel site. The great thing about the Excursionist is you can either add the special excursions onto your already existing trip or work with the Excursionist to create a whole itinerary including hotel accommodations. Can’t find what you were looking for, contact the Excursionist and they can help customize an experience for you.

Visit Pure Wow to find out how Pure Wow readers can receive a $100 credit to use towards the’s services.

What adventure would you like to find for your next trip? Do you wish more sites were like this where they customize trips based on your passions?


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