Traveling Moms

It was recently posted on that women will spend $125 billion on travel next year and that 80% off all travel decisions are made by women. A big portion of those women travelers are mothers. In fact, 40% of business travelers are women and this is increasing every day. We want to celebrate mom with some great travel blogs and articles you can visit that will give you great tips on being a traveling mom.

Here is a list of some of our recommended Traveling Mom Blogs:


Also check out this great Pinterest site on Traveling moms and their tips. Create a Pinterest board of your favorite traveling photos.

Here are a few great articles we found on tips on being a traveling mom:

1) Have job will Travel: How Working Moms Can Make Business Travel More Family-Friendly by Jamee Tenzer
2) The Traveling Executive Mom – 7 Great Ideas to Maintain the Bond!
Help a Reader: How to be a mom and a Road Warriorette?
4) Tips for Traveling Mom to Be


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