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Spring Luggage Cleaning

It’s that time of year when many of us are thinking of tackling spring cleaning around our house.  As you are cleaning your closets, attics and garages, don’t forget that your luggage needs some special cleaning as well. In fact, it is recommended to clean your luggage after every use. From cars, airports, airplanes, hotel rooms and more, your luggage is put in many different environments where it could have been exposed to germs and more. A recent spot on the Today Show featured Budget Travel Editor Nina Willdorf and she featured her tips on keeping your luggage clean.

Here are a few tips shared on the show on little things to do after a trip to your luggage:

1) The Once-Over: Purchase some Lysol wipes and and wipe down your bag including the wheels and handles. Make sure to spot test your luggage first with a wipe to make sure it doesn’t damage the fabric.

2) Wine spills: Ever had a wine bottle or some other liquid spill over your luggage? First make sure to use a hand vacuum to clean up any glass that may be in the suitcase. Use newspaper to absorb the liquid. Leave the rolled up paper in your closed bag for 2 – 3 days. Wine Away is a great tool for dissolving red wine stains. Febreze Auto is also great for removing odors. Avoid mishaps like this by purchasing the Vinnibag which keeps your fragile items safe and secure.

3) Bed Bugs: Think your bag may have been exposed to bed bugs? Immediately, dump everything washable into your laundry on a hot wash and dry cycle. Wipe and spray down your bag with 91 percent isopropyl alcohol which will kill any bugs on contact. Vacuum all the crevices in your bag. If all else fails, you can use a product like Nuvan Prostrips. Simply place your luggage in a garbage bag with one of the strips  and the strip releases a gas that kills the bugs. Make sure to put your case in a plastic bag for storage afterwards.

4) Grease stains: Grease stains may occur after having your luggage go through a baggage carousel. Hard case and nylon cases, you should be able to clean but leather and canvas bags will require professional treatment.

5) Shampoo explosions: Use a spray bottle with water and spray it on the saturated area. Use a wet/dry vac to suck the moisture out. Try not to get your case too wet. This will only drive the soaps deeper into the fabrics. Try to avoid this hassle by putting your liquid items in ziploc bags or toiletry bags.

Other great products to invest in for cleaning your luggage:
a) Aluminum luggage: use a mild cleanser and gently go over the entire bag. Rinse and dry of with clean towels.
b) Ballistic Nylon luggage: Use gentle soap and water to wipe away stains.
c) Hardware: Using oil on hinges, handles or locks will cause more harm than good. To maintain the luster of the hardware, best to polish them lightly with a good quality steel wool and “re-seal” them with a clear nail polish or by using lacquer.
d) Hardside luggage: Use a gentle soap and warm water and rinse well. Cleaning erasers, mild abrasives and toothpaste can work well to remove scuffs and scratches. Use any good silicone-base automobile or furniture polish to preserve the luster of the covering. Do not use a combination cleaner-polish.

Before cleaning any luggage, make sure to read the instructions provided by the luggage brand. Certain solutions may not be suitable in particular brands of luggage. Always spot test an area of a piece of luggage before cleaning all of it. Always make sure to use mild soaps and wipes when cleaning. Harsh chemicals can destroy the beauty of your bag.

When storing your luggage, make sure you allow it to air out regularly. This will help prevent mildew from forming as a result of humidity. Extreme temperatures can also age your luggage as well.

How do you keep your luggage fresh and clean? We would love to hear your tips. Happy Spring Luggage cleaning!


Colorado Bag’n Baggage Holiday Giveaway

Tis’ the season for giving and Colorado Bag’n Baggage wants to give you some of our favorite travel gifts this year. Starting December 1st – 23rd, we will be giving out gifts to our Facebook fans. Luggage, travel accessories and more will be given out each day.

How do I enter?: Go to our Facebook page and click on our tab that is called Holiday Giveaway. Enter your information and submit and you are all set. Each day random fans will be chosen to win the prizes. The winner will be notified the next day.

Gifts to be given away:

Day 1 (December 1st): Thule Crossover 38L  rolling carryon
Day 2 (December 2nd): Two prizes given out this day
Antler Liquis silver carry on
Flapjack Toys Retro luggage tags: Atari and Rubiks Cube
Day 3 (December 3rd): TrendyKid Travel Buddies Percy Penguin Children’s Luggage Set
Day 4 (December 4th ): Rume On the Go Gift set
Day 5 (December 5th): Exofficio 3 pack of underwear
Day 6 (December 6th): STM Scout Shoulder Bag
Day 7 (December 7th): Eagle Creek Ultimate Packing Solution Set
Day 8 (December 8th): Able Planet True Fidelity Sports Earphones
Day 9 (December 9th): Samsonite Winfield 3 piece luggage set
Day 10 (December 10th): a variety of travel accessories from Lewis N. Clark
Day 11 (December 11th): Lodis Audrey smartphone case in red
Day 12 (December 12th): Heys Disney Minnie 22″ case
Day 13 (December 13th:  Antler Liquis medium case
Day 14 (December 14th): Homedics MyCharge Power Bank 6000
Day 15 (December 15th): Two items from Joby, Joby Gorillamobile Yogi and the Joby Gorillamobile Ori
Day 16 (December 16th): Two gifts given out this day
Recent Toys Brainstring Game
Bosca Ladies Wallet
Day 17 (December 17th): Hedgren Shoulder Bag
Day 18 (December 18th): Osprey 60L Transporter
Day 19 (December 19th): Tumi Pack Away Totes (5 will be given away that day)
Day 20 (December 20th): Journals Unlimited Vacation Journal and Travel Checklist
Day 21 (December 21st): variety of Travelon travel accessories
Day 22 (December 22nd): Cinzia eye readers– pick the prescription and color of your choice
Day 23 (December 23rd:  Antler Liquis Large Case

Comment on our blog that you shared this contest and you will get extra entries.

Good luck and Happy Holidays from Colorado Bag’n Baggage!

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Grad, What’s Your Next Path?

Graduation season is upon us and many of us may be pondering what to get the relative, friend, classmate, etc. that is graduating this year. We feel the gift selection will depend on where the graduate is venturing next on their journey through life. High school and college graduates have many options ahead of them and some may stray from the traditional path of most graduates. At our group of Colorado Bag’n Baggage stores, we have a wide spectrum of gifts for each unique grad in your life.

Here are just a few ideas:

1) Backpacking through Europe or other destinations: Get your grad outfitted with the a large duffel or backpack for their trip, along with a Vapur bottle, travel accessories and more. If buying adapters, look into a universal adapter or find out what country he or she is visiting to get the right fit.

2) Entering the work force: Briefs, ipad tech cases, portfolios, card cases and more to add to the executive look. Also, ask our stores about embossing these items with the grad’s initials for an extra sentimental touch.

3) College or Grad school: Find a great backpack that can carry all of the students tech and school needs, cross body bag to use around campus or wallet id, tech cases to carry MP3, Ipad, Kindle and much more. Find luggage that will not take up too much room in the dorm room but also work well for trips back home.

4) Unknown: Every person needs a great piece of luggage to take them wherever they want to go in life. A new handbag, messenger bag or some type of small leather good are also great gifts for the person that may be undecided on their next path.

What makes your grad stand out from the rest? We want to know. Add  a comment about your grad on our blog and be entered to win a $50 hotel cash gift card. One random winner will be chosen on May 31st. Good luck and make sure to share the contest with your friends.

Travel Has Gone Green

Earth Day is this Friday and I know many of us are thinking of ways on how we can be more green. There are many ways to lessen your impact on the earth when you travel. After all, you want to create an enjoyable trip for yourself and for travelers to come. Many of the beautiful sites in the world are slowly eroding due to pollution and wasteful practices.

Here are a few tips on some simple things you can do to lessen your carbon footprint when you travel:

* Make sure when you leave your home to turn off all electronic devices. Unplug any unnecessary appliances.

* Try to use electronic tickets vs. paper airline tickets to save on paper waste.

* Look for green hotels that practice environmentally safe procedures. Visit greenhotels.com for more information on the Green Hotels Association.

* In your hotel room: turn off all electrical devices when you are not in the room, reuse sheets and towels and do not have them changed daily by the housekeeping staff, take short showers, do not have the water running when brushing your teeth, and give your hotels suggestions on how they can become more green.

*Transportation:  Try to take direct flights whenever possible. Better yet, for shorter trips take a train. Use public transportation whenever you can in the locale you are visiting or walk if possible. When renting a car, try to rent a hybrid or the smallest vehicle that will work for your group of travelers.

Did you also know that there are companies that can help offset your carbon emissions from your next trip? In fact, Expedia has partnered with TerraPass, a for-profit carbon offsetting company. When you book your trip, there is an option where you can select an extra charge to be added to your charges which will be sent directly to TerraPass.

Here is a great list from Independent Traveler on other companies that you can look into that offer carbon offsetting: Click here

A few other great resources to check out are:

Green Travel: Connect with green-minded travel companies, 1% of all revenue generated from their travel bookings goes to credible, well-managed sustainable travel initiatives. Green.travel.com

Go Green Travel Green: discover information on how to travel green, eco-tours and more. Gogreentravelgreen.com

Denver.org: Calculate your CO2 emissions while on vacation in Denver. Click here.

Check out these great products in our stores and online that are eco-friendly:

Eagle Creek Pack-It system and the new ES3 collection: made of sustainable products using their Eco-lite fabric.

BB Begonia Reusable tote: use these bags on your next trip to save on extra plastic and paper bags given to you while shopping.

Go Toobs: Save on buying travel size shampoo, conditioner, body wash, etc. by using GoToobs.

Balanzza Digital luggage scale: not only save on luggage fees by weighing your luggage but also on the weight you are putting on the airplane.

Share with us how you go green when you travel and other great resources you have found.

Happy Earth Day!