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Not Another Tie!: Great Gifts for the Travelling Dad

This year marks the 40th anniversary of when President Nixon permanently made Father’s Day a national holiday. With an estimated 70.1 million Dads across the nation, we know that many of you will be out searching for the perfect gift for your Dad. We have gifts for any Dad that loves to the travel. From the adventure seeker to the road warrior, we have a few recommendations that will get you praise from your Dad this Father’s Day.


Reality Show Inspired Vacations

Amazing Race kicks off their 20th season this weekend. A show based on traveling around the world is definitely one that sparks our interest. Have you been inspired to go on a vacation somewhere after watching a reality show. Travel industry experts are giving proof that reality shows that many think are silly and outrageous are having an influence on the travel industry.

Travel + Leisure magazine recently wrote an article that talked about how a recent episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey that took place in the Dominican Republic resulted in a 300 percent increase in web traffic for the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Punta Cana. The hotel is now sold out for New Year’s.

This trend of reality inspiring travel has been happening for a while. The popular MTV Real World has been influencing young travelers since 1992. The CBS reality show, Survivor has influenced tourism in Malaysia, South Africa, Tahiti, New Zealand and New Guinea. The Travel Channel’s show No Reservations, Jersey Shore, The Bachelor, Keeping up with the Kardashians and the Real Housewives series are a few more shows creating buzz for various locations around the world. Travel agents are taking notice of the locations featured on reality television.

Want to take your employees on an Amazing Race or Survivor Adventure? Check out Anderson Vacations. Experience Amazing Race in the Rockies where you will find Roadblocks, Detours, and Pitstops. Or Anderson Vacations can help you design your own adventure.

Has television influenced a recent trip you made or a future trip? At least you will  not have to worry about getting a rose, starving on a island or rushing through an airport like the participants of some of these reality shows.

For the Love of Travel

As we celebrate Valentines this month, we think of our love of travel. What inspired you to want to travel the world? Was it an amazing experience when you were a child or maybe an adventure you took when you were in college? During our fast paced times, we may lose that true inspiration as to why we love to travel.

Featured below is a link to a film from Tripfilms where they asked a variety of travel writers why they love to travel. Let us know where your first love of travel began and why you still love to travel. Post a comment here or on our Facebook page by the end of the day on the 13th and we will pick a winner on Valentine’s Day.  We will pick one random post to win a $100 gift certificate to Colorado Bag’n Baggage for your next adventure.

For the Love of Travel – travelers talk – Tripfilms.

Colorado Bag’n Baggage Holiday Giveaway

Tis’ the season for giving and Colorado Bag’n Baggage wants to give you some of our favorite travel gifts this year. Starting December 1st – 23rd, we will be giving out gifts to our Facebook fans. Luggage, travel accessories and more will be given out each day.

How do I enter?: Go to our Facebook page and click on our tab that is called Holiday Giveaway. Enter your information and submit and you are all set. Each day random fans will be chosen to win the prizes. The winner will be notified the next day.

Gifts to be given away:

Day 1 (December 1st): Thule Crossover 38L  rolling carryon
Day 2 (December 2nd): Two prizes given out this day
Antler Liquis silver carry on
Flapjack Toys Retro luggage tags: Atari and Rubiks Cube
Day 3 (December 3rd): TrendyKid Travel Buddies Percy Penguin Children’s Luggage Set
Day 4 (December 4th ): Rume On the Go Gift set
Day 5 (December 5th): Exofficio 3 pack of underwear
Day 6 (December 6th): STM Scout Shoulder Bag
Day 7 (December 7th): Eagle Creek Ultimate Packing Solution Set
Day 8 (December 8th): Able Planet True Fidelity Sports Earphones
Day 9 (December 9th): Samsonite Winfield 3 piece luggage set
Day 10 (December 10th): a variety of travel accessories from Lewis N. Clark
Day 11 (December 11th): Lodis Audrey smartphone case in red
Day 12 (December 12th): Heys Disney Minnie 22″ case
Day 13 (December 13th:  Antler Liquis medium case
Day 14 (December 14th): Homedics MyCharge Power Bank 6000
Day 15 (December 15th): Two items from Joby, Joby Gorillamobile Yogi and the Joby Gorillamobile Ori
Day 16 (December 16th): Two gifts given out this day
Recent Toys Brainstring Game
Bosca Ladies Wallet
Day 17 (December 17th): Hedgren Shoulder Bag
Day 18 (December 18th): Osprey 60L Transporter
Day 19 (December 19th): Tumi Pack Away Totes (5 will be given away that day)
Day 20 (December 20th): Journals Unlimited Vacation Journal and Travel Checklist
Day 21 (December 21st): variety of Travelon travel accessories
Day 22 (December 22nd): Cinzia eye readers– pick the prescription and color of your choice
Day 23 (December 23rd:  Antler Liquis Large Case

Comment on our blog that you shared this contest and you will get extra entries.

Good luck and Happy Holidays from Colorado Bag’n Baggage!

Don’t forget to shop our 28 stores nationwide or our website to find the best travel gifts for everyone on your list this year!

Come Sail Away

Does traveling on a large ship to multiple destinations appeal to you? Well, you are not the only one. A recent study by the Cruise Line International Association (CLIA) found that cruising is becoming more popular. In fact, 73 million Americans have gone on a cruise in their lifetime and 36.1 million are likely to take a cruise vacation in the next three years.

A lot of other interesting information was found in the CLIA’s 2011 Market Profile Study. What would you predict would be the top 10 cruise destinations? If you guessed the Caribbean for the number one spot, you would be right.
Top 10 Destinations:
1 ) Caribbean
2 ) Alaska
3 ) Bahamas
4 ) Hawaii
5 ) Bermuda
6 ) Mediterrean and the Greek Isles
7 ) Europe
8 ) Panama Canal
9 ) Canada/New England
10 ) Mexico

Some of the reasons that travelers choose cruise vacations include: chance to visit multiple locations, being pampered, fine dining and getting away from it all. Cruise travelers are more likely to have a passport at 86% than non- cruise travelers at 51%.  Although many think that travel agents are not used as much anymore, travel agents help plan most cruise vacations.

What is the general profile of the typical traveler on a cruise? They are generally upscale with a household income of $97,000 or more. The median age is 48. The core target of the cruise industry is 25+ making $40,000 or more per household. Most people on a cruise are there as part of a group or event. 80% will travel with their spouse, 33% with kids, 19% with friends, and 18% with other family members. Nearly 1 in 4  Americans will experience a cruise vacation of some sort. The typical stay is 7.5 days.

Have you been on a cruise? Who do you prefer? Our friends at cruisecritic.com have some great advice on cruises.

Friday Feature Blog: London 2012

Yesterday marked one year until the 2012 Olympics begin in London. Want to keep updating on all the happenings for the next Olympics? Check out London 2012’s website and blog. It has all the information on how to get involved, how to get tickets, travel info, and more. Read posts from a variety of people that are helping put the Olympics together in London. View photos and videos of all facets being prepared for this special event.


First dive in the Aquatics Centre for the 2012 Olympics


Will you be traveling to London for the Olympics? Where would you like to see future Olympics?

Friday Feature Blog – Gadling

I’m sure many travelers have heard of Gadling and may already use it to help plan their next trips. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you definitely should. Gadling covers a wide variety of topics from adventure and budget travel to what are the best tech items for travel. Find great stories from Ken Wein as he covers The Cockpit Chronicles, Heather Poole covering gossip from 35,000 feet with Galley Gossip and just recently added is the journey of Paul Brady Traveling the American Road. Click on their map to get more detailed information on specific locations.

In need of some travel tips? In a 100 words or less, Gadling has some great tips for every type of traveler. Find tips on hotels, cruises, road trips, dining out, souvenirs, airplanes, traveling with kids, packing and international travel.

Have you used some of the tips on Gadling.com before?